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Mon Jan 29 10:56:22 UTC 2007

Josh Berkus <josh at> wrote:
> I take it that this would be just a pledge for them to pay our expenses in 
> Brazil, and for us to pay theirs in N. America?  

That, do any fee-efficient money transfers that may be possible and
reporting funds held in Brazil in SPI's annual reports, I think.

> > About debconf 4: what has happened to the US$ 19k+ invested from
> >
> > ?  I don't remember seeing it on any SPI treasurer reports.
> We have an investment account that hasn't been part of my reports because I'm 
> still working on mastering our checking account.  Beyond that, I'm not sure 
> what you're referring to; I wasn't here in 2003.

I refer to the money named in the above-linked report:

  The amount named as "Credit" on the table in the previous section is
  invested by ASL (so it may have grown as for today), on Debian's
  behalf, in Brazil. A 10% administration fee is charged and it can be
  withdrawn after a 30-day notice (that is common practice in these
  cases) either in credit of SPI (by means of an international
  agreement) or to be used in Brazil as explained before.

Hope that explains,
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