Previous versions of code in a repository

Tim Post at
Mon Jun 25 17:03:04 UTC 2007

Hello to all, 

Has anyone heard of any cases where a 'take down order' was issued
against code in a public repository, and did this order specify all
previous versions of the files that must be removed?

I've seen some mention of improperly cited excerpts in documents under
some kind of version control, but can't find anything much about code or

Scenarios might be :

A patent was leveraged against the author and the author was forced to
modify their repository.

... or similar. Even just a copyright or DMCA take down.

My specific interests lie in previous versions of the work in question
remaining in the repository after the author removed the current
revision. I'm hoping to find actual copies of court orders that specify
all previous versions.

Thanks to any who might provide some links. Google has some, but many of
the displayed results are misleading links. 


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