Draft resolution formalising Debian's Associated Project status

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Mar 6 00:01:00 UTC 2007

Josh Berkus <josh at postgresql.org> wrote:
> The issue we're having with Debian is the requests by a couple of prominent 
> (or at least vocal) Debian community members that we monitor, and react to, 
> actions on debian-vote, as well as dealing with claims by Debian community 
> members that the DPL was not authorized for some action and therefore the SPI 
> board shouldn't listen to him.  

The issue we're having between SPI and the Debian project is the claim
by a couple of SPI board members that SPI only recognises DPL
decisions and not any of the other project decision-makers.  As far as
I can tell, there isn't anything on record disagreeing with that
goalpost-move, although there's nothing much to support it either.
(Confusing statements by the current DPL about his authoritativity
don't help, although he's also promised to relate faithfully any
non-DPL decisions, so that isn't critical ATM.)

Who is demanding that SPI monitors and/or reacts to debian-vote
directly? Personally, I don't care whether SPI monitors debian
directly (if there's a problem, SPI will probably hear about it, as
many DDs are SPI members).  I do care whether SPI refuses to recognise
valid decisions just because they aren't DPL-supported.

SPI pledges to obey all OFTC decisions.  Please do the same for the
debian project.

Now, those questions:

> (1) Does SPI listen only to the DPL, or to other Debian officers as well?   
> Under what circumstances?

To DPL about funding authorisations and new delegates, Auditor about
information and Secretary about any other project decisions.

> (2) How does SPI determine that an officer has been replaced?

AIUI, it depends on how they're replaced: the DPL (delegations) or
Secretary (GR outcomes) would notify SPI as appropriate.  This already
happens for the DPL election, doesn't it?

> (3) If a recall vote is underway, should SPI pay any attention to it?  If so, 
> in what way?


> (4) If there is a dispute/disagreement on SPI lists between the DPL and other 
> Debian members/officers, how should the SPI board regard it? 

With sorrow and caution?  Not sure what this is asking.

Hope that helps,
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