Treasurer Plans, for discussion

Josh Berkus josh at
Thu Mar 8 00:38:44 UTC 2007


Below are two actions I am planning to take in the near future.  I do not 
believe that either of these items requires formal board approval as they 
are both in line with my duties as treasurer and well within our budget.  
To uphold the expressed member desire for greater clarity of communication 
from the Board, I thought I'd post them for discussion here.

As noted in the Treasurer's report, I'm up to date with our money but it is 
not in a formal accounting system.  This is partly due to some bugs and 
needed additional features in LedgerSMB I need addressed.  While I could 
fix these myself in theory, I don't know when I'd get around to it.

As the project lead for LedgerSMB makes his living contracting support for 
it, I plan to pay him to "make it happen" so that I can stop making 
excuses as to why it's not ready yet.  This will provide several benefits:

1) It will put us on a sound, automated, accounting footing so that I can 
turn things over to the new treasurer in July (no, I don't want to stay 
Treasurer) and for years to come.

2) It will Promote the Cause of Free Software because some of these 
features will end up being features of LedgerSMB, which is GPL-licensed 
and fills a poorly-served segment of OSS, small business software.

The budget for this work is an estimated $1200, with a maximum of $2000.  
For reference, we have $8000 in accumulated SPI overhead funds from 2006 

Bank Accounts
Key Bank has, to date, provided us excellent service.  We have no 
outstanding checks with FirstIB.  As such, I plan to close our FirstIB 
account at the first opportunity (after we get some needed data from 


Josh Berkus
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
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