Draft resolution formalising Debian's Associated Project status

Josip Rodin joy at entuzijast.net
Sun Mar 11 23:31:40 UTC 2007

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 04:27:38PM -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > I don't think it should be an issue of faith.
> Everything is an issue of faith. PostgreSQL is able to operate easily 
> without draconian rules by using a level of trust for its participants.
> In business, I am taking faith that someone will pay the invoice for the 
> work rendered. If they don't, I sue. That is no different with PostgreSQL.
> If the PostgreSQL Liaison started acting in a way that was directly 
> counter to the implicit interests of the PostgreSQL community, he/she 
> could be removed by the PostgreSQL Fundraising Group.
> Further if it was considered fraudulent activity the SPI could sue and 
> or file charges (depending on what happen) that individual.

Yes, exactly, and the basis of any of these complaints would be the
straightforward procedures that would have been contravened. That's what
I meant by not having issues of faith - everything that can be spelled out
should be spelled out, so that the amount of arguable stuff is minimized.

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