Draft resolution formalising Debian's Associated Project status

Josh Berkus josh at postgresql.org
Tue Mar 13 17:59:14 UTC 2007


> Why?  SPI is not proposing to do that for OpenOffice.org.  Only the
> vague term "liaison" is specified, and it is proposed that SPI
> recognises an OpenOffice.org council process at an external URL.

Actually, we are.  OpenOffice.org will have *exactly one* represenative to 
SPI, known as the Liason on our side and the Advisor on theirs.

>   The Debian Constitution (http://www.debian.org/devel/constitution),
>   and the persons holding the roles it defines and acting according to
>   that Constitution, are recognised by SPI as ultimately authoritative
>   regarding decisions of the Debian Project. [...] The Board will
>   recognise decisions, statements and delegations made by the Debian
>   Project Leader, currently Anthony Towns, as made on behalf of
>   Debian.

I don't have a problem with that (Ian's) version.  Like with OOo, it 
defines *eactly one* point of contact, and further paragraphs define the 
Debian Secretary (and only the secretary) as the "backup" contact.  My 
problem is with clause 8, which could be read to open up offical contact 
to 100% of Debian members, effectively giving Debian 300 liasons, and 
requiring the SPI board to adjuticate any dispute between them.  

This is not something which I, as treasurer and board member, can deal 

> If SPI is awkward enough to name particular roles in debian and not
> recognise the debian project process, then changing the roles will
> require SPI to pass another resolution.  SPI is considering
> recognising OpenOffice.org's process - why is it a problem to
> recognise debian's process?

Again, as long as Debian designates *exactly one* person who can request 
funds, etc., I don't care how that person is selected.  What I'm going to 
vote against is any resolution which suggests that that multiple Debian 
people could independantly make finanicial and/or legal requests of SPI in 
conflict with each other.


Josh Berkus
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
treasurer at spi-inc.org

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