Draft resolution formalising Debian's Associated Project status

Joshua D. Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Wed Mar 14 14:49:36 UTC 2007

MJ Ray wrote:
> Josh Berkus <josh at postgresql.org> wrote:
>> MJ,
>>> Why?  SPI is not proposing to do that for OpenOffice.org.  Only the
>>> vague term "liaison" is specified, and it is proposed that SPI
>>> recognises an OpenOffice.org council process at an external URL.
>> Actually, we are.  OpenOffice.org will have *exactly one* represenative to 
>> SPI, known as the Liason on our side and the Advisor on theirs.
> That's the case initially, but is there any requirement that the
> liaison is one person, or that SPI would ignore other valid requests
> from OpenOffice.org just because the liaison walks off the map?
> Through the associated project framework, the resolution commits SPI
> to "honour" OpenOffice.org's "rules and procedures about its
> relationship with SPI".  As such, SPI is rightly not restricting
> OpenOffice.org to a limited one-person interface.
> ISTR that even PostgreSQL's verbose associated project resolution
> didn't limit PostgreSQL to having exactly one liaison.

liaison is singular.

Joshua D. Drake


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