Draft resolution formalising Debian's Associated Project status

Josip Rodin joy at entuzijast.net
Fri Mar 16 22:19:11 UTC 2007

On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 06:01:48PM -0400, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
> Verbosity can actually lead to better results.

...unless you later find out that you missed a spot... :)

> > I know it doesn't seem like this to you now, but a few years from now,
> > this might actually sound like SPI showing a priori contempt for people
> > trying to notify it about the aforementioned problems...
> Why would they think that given that it's in the same paragraph as an
> explicit request to notify us for those problems?

Yeh, please notify us, but don't do <insert 200 words here>.
That's not really encouraging. :)

> > Ian's version seemed just fine to me, except that it could have used the
> > words 'according to the Debian Constitution' somewhere, just to make sure
> > that we're talking about real disputes and not any random chatter.
> It was substantively different in the regard I mentioned above, but also
> in that it would have us depend on DDs and others to let us know about
> disagreements on decisions themselves, which is none of SPI's business,
> rather than disagreements on the authority of the decisionmakers to make
> a decision relevant to SPI, which is most definitely our business.

Like I said, it should just restrict itself to constitutionally implemented
disputes. (s/could/should/ in my previous sentence) Any such
constitutionally implemented dispute would necessarily impair the authority
of our liaisons at SPI, so it would be relevant.

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