Charters, manifestos, and SPI's purpose, and forum-widening

Bruce Perens bruce at
Mon May 14 20:00:43 UTC 2007

Bruce Perens wrote:
> It costs a lot more to insure a number of people for their full net 
> worth than it costs to insure a corporation that doesn't own anything. 
> Insurance cost is at least somewhat proportional to the amount you are 
> insuring. Covering the DDs as a group gets into the tens of Millions 
> pretty quickly. Thus, shifting the burden of liability from the 
> individual to the corporation is the essential first step in 
> protecting that individual without breaking the bank.
OK folks - given the news from Microsoft today, it's time to do this. 
Will SPI back it? Do I need a resolution? It will help me convince 
Software Freedom Law Center to do the work if SPI backs it. It would be 
a separate corporation from SPI for legal reasons - like we don't want 
to put the Debian trademark in hock.



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