Liability protection project - call for participants

Josh Berkus josh at
Tue May 15 16:03:42 UTC 2007


I'd just like to point out that nobody who has yet discussed this project is 
an attorney or insurance analyst.  As such, opinions on the viability for a 
liability shield for Debian ... or any other FOSS project ... are worth about 
as much as the opinion of a marketing MBA on agile code design.  Until we 
hear from an expert, it's blowing smoke.

So, the first step in any discussion of a liability shield would be to get an 
opinion from experts, probably more than one.  If we were talking about 
PostgreSQL, for example, I'd want opinions from at least two attorneys and an 
insurance analyst.  People can't decide whether to participate until they 
know how much it will cost and what protection it will *actually* provide.  
But that's up to you guys.

After the DDs have  a program you can endorse, then we can discuss the SPI vs. 
SFLC vs. independant corp issue.  Then if SPI is not involved (a mistake, I'd 
think), the discussion moves off this list.

Josh Berkus
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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