Liability protection project - call for participants

Josh Berkus josh at
Wed May 16 18:57:13 UTC 2007


> You're right about *opinions* as such, but we have a limited experience
> with the matter so far, and the only conclusion one can derive from that is
> that we're doing something right the way we are doing things now, because
> we're not having these problems.

Or just that you've been lucky so far.  ;-)

Seriously, though, I'm not adovcating that Debian do a liability shield.  
You'll notice that I'm not proposing one for PostgreSQL.  I'm simply stating 
that *if* the DDs want a liability shield, then the first step is to get some 
experts who can actually tell you how much it will cost and what real 
protection you'll get.  A bunch of OS developers speculating on the ins and 
outs of US liability law is pretty much a waste of time.

The thing I *am* advocating, and will continue to advocate as long as I'm 
treasurer, is that Debian spend its accumulated funds on *something*.

Josh Berkus
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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