Charters, manifestos, and SPI's purpose, and forum-widening

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri May 18 19:46:48 UTC 2007

Ian Jackson <ijackson at> wrote: [...]
> SPI's charter lists all of the things that SPI is permitted to do.
> That doesn't mean that all of those things are primary objectives for
> SPI or that we intend to do all of them any time soon. [...]

Sorry if I've misunderstood, but I think that's confusing Purposes and
Powers.  SPI's charter lists its Purposes, really its objectives
(maybe not primary, but still objectives).  Its Powers are listed in
New York State laws, which aren't repeated in SPI's charter.  This
might be a link to the relevant Article 2:

Please can we have a link on SPI's charter page to the NY NPC law?
That might be
but TOKEN in that link makes me think it might expire.

Anyway, let's have SPI start fulfilling its purpose more fully if it
has the opportunity and resources.

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