Enquiry re joining the SPI

Toby Collett tcollett+lists at plan9.net.nz
Fri Nov 23 08:29:54 UTC 2007

I am a developer with the Player Project (playerstage.sf.net), an open 
source robotics framework. We are looking to move the project forward in 
terms of its organisational structure and I have had many recommendation 
against forming our own 'foundation' or legal entity for these purposes 
citing time, cost and other complications. The logical alternative would 
be for the project to join something along the lines of the SPI.

The player project has been in existence for several years now and has a 
codebase that is widely used amoung research and academic facilities and 
increasingly in commercial projects. The developers are of course 
committed to open source, the core libraries are licensed under the LGPL 
and the utilities and simulators are licensed under the GPL.

Does this sound like a project that would fit with SPI, and if so what 
are the steps to becoming a member project?

Toby Collett

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