Some questions about "becoming member of SPI"

Josh Berkus josh at
Mon Nov 26 22:35:28 UTC 2007


> I also know of nothing that would stop us from sending money to another
> 501c3.

Well, we can't if the other 501(c)3 isn't in line with our mission 
statement, or if it's a violation of a donor-given designation.  So two 
examples of things which would be prohibited:

-- giving money to a religious non-profit which had nothing to do with 
software or any SPI-funded event

-- taking money someone had donated to Gallery and giving it to the SFLC 
without endorsement by the Gallery staff

The idea is that we have to honor the explicitly stated, or implied (by 
virtue of the mission statement) intention of the donor when they gave 
money to us.  Of course, the SFLC is 100% in line with our mission.


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