How does SPI differ from SFC?

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> Hi.
> Sorry for my late reply on this subject, and thanks again for all the
> quick and detailed responses.
> Meanwhile I've posted a summary [1] of the outcome of my investigation
> about the differences between SPI and SFC, mostly based on the
> information I got from you all in this thread. My personal preference
> would be to join the SPI for incorporating as non-profit, then
> becoming a so called client to the SFLC. Details on why I think this
> way are given in the mentioned post.
> Now a valid question was raised, and I would like to pass it on to
> you: from your point of view, "[...] are there any conflict of
> interest issues to have this type of relationship with both
> organizations?"

I spoke with the SFLC today. Although it is possible for you to be
associated with SPI and SLFC at the same time. It is not possible for
you to be associated with the SFC and SPI at the same time.


Joshua D. Drake

> Bye, Mike
> [1]


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