Multiple Affiliations

Mark R Dobyns Jones markjones at
Tue Oct 23 21:55:44 UTC 2007

I'm a humble SPI list subscriber, and debian user.

I've been an accountant for a number of non-profits over the years,
but minimal experience with one international non-profit.

SPI's board and major projects must obtain some real tax and legal
advice from genuinely knowlegeable individuals on the topic under
discussion, not the speculation of non-experts. It would be money
well-spent, for all of SPI's future projects.

This will not be the last time this kind of question arises.
And, SPI wants to be the recipient of this kind of question in the
future; it is an aspect of SPI's  larger corporate mission.
So, SPI actually needs know it can do, and how to do it correctly, and

There are ways to do affiliation efforts, even internationally, and it is
done all the time.

Think about the international, multiple program, multiple-activity
collaborations of that each entity  like "Doctors without Borders" 
"Oxfam" "Habitat for Humanity" and so on must undertake to
accomplish each of their missions.
Or the Ford Foundation, for that matter.

Similarly, it is common for foundations to pass directed-donations to
other organization, provided they have agreements that the money will be
used for proper purposes, and additional other standards, and the funded
project complies with the mission, and tax exempt purpose and laws
governing the funding organization.  It can be concieved of as a variety
of a grant, which SPI is capable of undertaking, as a U.S tax-exempt
organization. But it requires attention, standards, and periodic review.

Collectively, SPI must know what its doing, and have  real advice.
Speculation is insufficient.

Best regards,
Mark Jones

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