are we being honest about legal resources?

MJ Ray mjr at
Wed Mar 12 17:58:46 UTC 2008

John Goerzen <jgoerzen at> wrote:
> Please, MJ.  This has NO PLACE on an SPI list.  I'm a Debian developer and 
> *I* don't even care.  Take it to Debian.

Sorry for getting distracted by the specifics and ad-hominems again.
I already took the relevant bits away and I posted a link earlier

> > What is unreasonable is making up new rules to claim a simple question
> > was forbidden or invalid because only one of SPI members asked.
> > That's just dicking people around with bureaucracy IMO.
> What new rule?  It's been long established how SPI deals with member 
> projects.  Each member project has a defined way of interacting with SPI.  
> And you are not it.

Any new rule that only member projects can ask after "their" SPI
tasks.  I'm not a member project and I'm not asking SPI to deal with a
member project or start a new task for it.  I'm simply asking what SPI
thinks is the current status of a task it seems to have left open.

That seems to be forthcoming, so I repeat:-

> > As pointed out previously, a past DPL was involved and one of the SPI
> > board is asking the current DPL for the current view.  Please let's
> > wait for that and see how the DPL election plays out (two candidates
> > have different types of web work as part of their platforms so far,
> > which seems a good reason to vote for them) and keep further flames
> > off this list.

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