Meeting agenda bot, website, git, ssh

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Jan 19 10:44:38 UTC 2009

Joerg Jaspert writes ("Meeting agenda bot, website, git, ssh"):
> we now have a git service up and running, in which we can put the data
> for our new website and also the to-be-written Meeting agenda bot.
> A webview is behind and that
> also shows you the git checkout urls for the anonymous clone, basically
> the usual simple git://$project.git


> Those that need write access (Hello Ian, MJ, Jimmy) should send me a ssh
> key they want to use for it. Clone from git at$project.git


Is there one single access control setup for the whole thing, or are
there several ?  It would be nice to be able to let people edit the
website without giving them the power to run code on the server, for


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