Resolution 2009-03-16.jrk.1: OpenWRT as associated project

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Tue Mar 17 14:09:47 UTC 2009

Jimmy Kaplowitz writes ("Re: Resolution 2009-03-16.jrk.1: OpenWRT as associated project"):
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 02:33:35PM -0700, Josh Berkus wrote:
> > How does decision-making work?  If one says yes, and one says no, what
> > happens?  This requires clarification.
> Decisions are made according to their internal rules in the charter
> linked from the resolution preamble, and Andy or Gregers lets us
> know about them.

In that case the draft resolution is incorrect.  The charter is the
governing document, not the individual(s).  The phrasing
   Alice Baker is recognised as the authoratitive decisionmaker
means that the project is currently an autocracy run by Alice Baker.
When the project is not an autocracy, some different form of words
should be used.

In this case, OpenWRT, there is a governing document.  It describes
itself as a draft but appears to be the relevant document.

> If we have doubts about what to do in a specific case, we can just delay any
> action while we investigate, just like we'd do if Debian's Secretary told us
> that a GR overruled a DPL decision but the DPL told us otherwise.

If there were a Board Resolution saying that we recognised Steve
McIntyre as the authoritative decisionmaker for Debian then there
would be no basis for the Treasurer to do anything other than
precisely as Steve directs.  That's why that isn't the case.

I would suggest the wording below.


 1. OpenWRT is a substantial and useful open source project.

 2. OpenWRT would like SPI's support and assistance, including taking


 3. OpenWRT is formally invited to become an SPI
    Associated Project, according to the SPI Framework for Associated
    Projects, SPI Resolution 1998-11-16.iwj.1-amended-2004-08-10.iwj.1, a
    copy of which can be found at

 4. SPI recognises that OpenWRT is governed by the Charter available at, as modified from time to time
    via the processes in the Charter itself.

 5. SPI understands that Andy Boyett and Gregers Petersen have been
    appointed according to the Charter by OpenWRT as liaisons to SPI.

 6. This invitation will lapse, if not accepted, 60 days after it is
    approved by the SPI Board.


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