Resolution 2009-03-16.jrk.1: OpenWRT as associated project

Josh Berkus josh at
Wed Mar 18 17:51:44 UTC 2009


> It's certainly not a perfect solution, but they seem to want more than one
> liaison, possibly for cases where one of them is unavailable. In any case, to
> whatever extent it's flawed, I think it's still sufficiently workable to
> approve today, and then tweak later if a better solution arises that's
> acceptable to SPI and OpenWRT.

So, what's the line we draw?  2 liaisons?  3?  A dozen?  50?

If we're allowing any number of liaisons, I'd like to change 
PostgreSQL's charter so we can have 3.

Can we hear from someone at OpenWRT about this?

Given that SPI will just continue to add affiliates over time, I 
personally think that allowing *any* organization to have more than one 
authoritative liaison is a mistake.  It doesn't scale for the number of 
projects SPI needs to support.  I'm not a board member, I don't get a 
vote on this, but that's my opinion.

--Josh Berkus

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