Resolution 2009-11-27.jmd.2: sidux as associated project

Ferdinand Thommes devil at
Fri Nov 27 20:31:33 UTC 2009

Am Freitag 27 November 2009 20:16:09 schrieb Greg Sabino Mullane:
> > I hereby propose this resolution for the December meeting.
> >
> > Resolution 2009-11-27.jmd.2: sidux as associated project
> > 1. sidux is a substantial and useful open source project.
> It would be nice to give a quick explanation about these
> projects and, more importantly, an official link so people
> can check out the project themselves to gauge 'substantial
> and useful' :)
let me answer for sidux
sidux is a rolling release distribution based on the debian unstable branch 
aiming at the desktop user. we had our 3rd anyversary yesterday and release 4 
snapshots a year. you may have a look at to find out more.

Ferdi Thommes
sidux e.V.

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