Organisation for enforcement of GPL3 licensing

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Wed Sep 16 13:51:39 UTC 2009

jyqvklioo at writes ("Organisation for enforcement of GPL3 licensing"):
> I wish to find or start a project which is capable and willing of
> enforcing the GPL3 licensing terms of of individual software
> developers and documenters (hereafter "contributors") who otherwise
> have no incorporated or organized identity.

Are you aware of the Software Freedom Law Centre ?  They do some of

However, if you would like to start your own project then in principle
I think SPI would be willing to provide its facilities (primarily, the
ability to take donations tax free in the US and spend them on your
charitable purposes).

However, you would have to demonstrate to the SPI board:
 * That your project was already up and running, rather than just a
   twinkle in your eye;
 * That SPI's general funds would not be placed at risk.

The latter is a serious concern which the SPI board ought to take
separate advice over.  In some jurisdictions (including England and
Wales, at the very least, an example with which I'm familiar) lawsuits
which fail typically result in the plaintiff having the pay the
defendant's legal bills - and any one who helped fund the action can
also be liable.


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