Organisation for enforcement of GPL3 licensing

jyqvklioo at jyqvklioo at
Wed Sep 16 15:40:25 UTC 2009

Thank you for having taken the time to reply.

> Are you aware of the Software Freedom Law Centre ?  
> They do some of this.

Can authors pre-authorize them to enforce licensing terms, or can they do it 
without prior authorisation of the authors?
Can they themselves receive awarded compensation rather than the authors?
If they will accept and can benefit from assignment of these rights, they may be 

It is de-motivating to libre software authors and potential authors that usage 
terms are abused.  SFLC has helped in that regard.  I'm looking for a ways to 
make GPL licensing more enforceable, even when contributors have become 
unreachable or it is impractical to trace who wrote or improved what work.

>and any one who helped fund the action can also be liable.

What about not funding the development or providing hosting, but participating 
and funding the enforcement of licensing terms?

Channeling of donations to authors is not what I'm seeking.

The model of the 'contributor' I have is someone who
wants to give code or documentation to the community;
does not want their code misused or withdrawn from the community;
is willing to allocate any financial rewards to the governing organization;
shelter from legal harassment would be motivating but not essential.

There is no published project.
My model the projects is it should accommodate:
high turnover;
small contributions;
involvement of a large number of contributors.
Nonetheless there would be a set of results which were marked as well reusable.

The start of the project would be publishing/releasing a C++ library licensed 
GPL3 with no exception clauses.

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