Organisation for enforcement of GPL3 licensing

Theodore Tso tytso at
Wed Sep 16 17:25:36 UTC 2009

> It is de-motivating to libre software authors and potential authors
> that usage terms are abused.  SFLC has helped in that regard.  I'm
> looking for a ways to make GPL licensing more enforceable, even when
> contributors have become unreachable or it is impractical to trace
> who wrote or improved what work.

I'm not sure which legal jurisdiction you were thinking to work in,
but if you either (a) don't understand what legal term "locus standi",
or "standing" means, or (b) haven't talked to lawyer about whether
what you hope is even allowed in the countries, I suggest you do that
*before* spending a lot more time trying to set up such a project.

	 	    	     	  	    - Ted

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