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Joerg Jaspert joerg at ganneff.de
Fri Nov 12 07:40:48 UTC 2010


we currently have the following lists for SPI up and running:

         Spi-announce - Software in the Public Interest announcements
            Spi-board - SPI board
           Spi-bylaws - By-laws revision committee discussions
          Spi-general - General discussions related to Software in the Public Interest
          Spi-private - Discussions for SPI members
         Spi-projects - Projects of SPI
        Spi-trademark - trademark committee discussions
              Spi-www - SPI web-server related discussions

From those the -www and -bylaws look unused:

 -bylaws:    Last mail 6th April 2009, spam, regular mail asking if the
             list is alive in 2007 and the answer pointed to -general
 -www:       Last regular mail in October, someone wanting to work in
             Plone, before that it was November 2009, someone not
             remembering to be on list, before that December 2008

spi-projects also seems to be a "treasurer announces his report there"
only list, but that could be seen as good for the liasions who don't want
much more. Or so.

Anyways, the question at hand, while moving the list server, is: Do we
want to keep this lists? Or want to close them and "merge" the topic back
into spi-general/private? If there ever happens to be significant
traffic on one topic again, we can always reopen a list, but for now
they seem to be just work without no gain (keeping the moderation queues
low, all of our lists attract quite a lot of spam, which we luckily
can filter, but its work to do).

spi-www - Meant for the SPI website, it had CVS commits in the
          past. Since Plone got in use that isnt true anymore. We
          *could* start this again, but then I would more think of a
          general -commits list that gets all of our git repositories
          commits mailed. Besides that, discussion about website - seems
          to be on IRC and could easily go to -general. Its not that
          much, really.

spi-bylaws - Yeah sure, someone really needs to update them. We say that
             as long as I know SPI. I don't see it happen on this list,
             I think -general works.

bye, Joerg
Homer no function beer well without.
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