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Joshua D. Drake jd at
Thu May 5 17:25:29 UTC 2011

On 05/05/2011 10:10 AM, Thomas S Hatch wrote:
> Hello, my name is Thomas S Hatch,
> I am a Community Developer (Trusted User) for the Arch Linux project and
> have been asked by the project leader, Aaron Griffin, to look into Arch
> Linux joining SPI.
> Arch Linux is a large Linux distribution made up of over 50 developers
> and has a thriving community and user base.
> Right now we are looking into the best way to accept financial
> contributions and SPI appears to be a great choice.
> If I can, I would like to ask a few questions:
> 1. Would Arch Linux be eligible to join SPI?

I don't see why not.

> 2. Could we be considered in conflict with Debian since we are both
> Linux distributions (Hopefully we can improve cross distribution
> collaboration!)?

I don't see a conflict. This is Open Source.

> 3. My understanding is that money is held and managed by SPI and then we
> would request it, is there a document on the process?

I will defer to the treasurer on this.

> 4. As far as I can tell joining is simply the act of being voted in and
> an application, what else is required and is there a document on it?


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