[Spi-private] Fluxbox as an SPI Asociated Project

Paul R. Tagliamonte paultag at fluxbox.org
Sun Oct 2 13:20:44 UTC 2011


> If it is the same person as the SPI Liaison, then this should say
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It is not :)

> "Successors will be appointed by the Fluxbox SPI Liaison."
> If there is a separate Fluxbox Project Leader, it would be good to
> have some reference to how the SPI Board can know who the Project
> Leader is. (For instance, if Fluxbox has an election procedure for the
> PL, then the Liaison can be tasked by informing the Board every time a
> new leader was chosen, with a link to publicly available election
> results.)

You assume we have elections :)

Fluxbox is a very tight-knight community. We've had the same leader
for the last 10 years, and if we did have a new leader, that role
would be transitioned to them without a vote.

That being said, I think that's sane. I'm sure forwarding a change in
FPL to SPI would be easy (and low volume!)

Feedback super welcome.



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