Meeting time - move to 21:30 UTC?

Jonathan McDowell noodles at
Sun Oct 16 20:09:48 UTC 2011


With DST ending in the northern hemisphere in over the next few weeks it
would be convenient to me if we moved the meeting time to 21:30 UTC (ie
keeping it at 13:30 US/Pacific rather than it moving back to 12:30
US/Pacific). I asked about this on #spi at the last meeting and those
present said it was fine with them (including Robert, who I believe is
our only southern hemisphere board member). So, does anyone who was not
present object to this move?

(There was also potential discussion about whether we wanted to move the
day; I believe Martin has a conflicting event every few weeks. I have no
problem with it remaining Wednesday, but any day other than Tuesday is
also fine with me.)


We fear change.
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