FFmpeg as SPI associated project

Robert Brockway robert at spi-inc.org
Fri Jun 1 13:20:11 UTC 2012

On Thu, 31 May 2012, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I have just seen, following your reference to the
> `associated-project-howto', that that document contains the wording
> `authoritative decisionmaker' which I am objecting to.

Hi Ian.  If you look at the resolutions (see link below) you will see the 
same wording used in virtually every resolution accepting a project over 
the last few years.


While I don't object to your objection (really) I did want to point out 
that this phrase has been in use in resolutions for a long time so I was 
surprised to see the objection appear now.

If the board doesn't object, I'm happy to refer this to SPI counsel for 
advice.  This will happen in parallel to the current proposal of course.

> Who wrote the associated-project-howto and how can we get this fixed ?

I did a major clean up on the associated project howto in late 2011.  I 
added content, reorganised it and split it into three documents.

The original version of the document can be found here:


I understand that Josh Berkus wrote the original version.  My suspicion is 
that the 'proposal template' in question predates this.



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