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Robert Brockway robert at spi-inc.org
Fri Jun 15 00:41:18 UTC 2012

On Fri, 15 Jun 2012, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I'm afraid I've had a bit to drink now, but:

Uh oh, I think we're off to a bad start :)

> This is absolutely ridiculous.  Do yuo have no reading comprehension
> whatsoever ?  What on earth do _you_ think "authortitative
> decisionmaker" means ?  Do you have access to a dictionary ?

Actually my reading comprehension is very good, but thanks for asking.  I 
explained my understanding of the term and the reasons behind it back on 
May 25.  No need to repeat them again.

>> I disagree on this point.  My position is that we should definitely have
>> counsel review any proposed resolution template before we put it in to
>> action.  This need not be an onerous process.  SFLC has been very quick to
>> respond to our queries in the past.  I am very impressed by the service
>> they have been providing us.
> This is absolutely ridiculous.  This "resolution template" was put

Yes, so you've said twice already :)

> into action without legal review and now you are treating it as some
> kind of immutable gospel and refusing to budge from it!

Actually I have stated on numerous occassions my willingness to change the 
wording.  I just do not wish to change it in the manner you have 

In a worst case scenario the wording of a resolution could be interpretted 
by a court of competent jurisdiction.  Even if the original wording was 
not reviewed by a lawyer I don't want to compound the problem by changing 
the resolution without proper consideration at this time.  There is 
increased interested among FOSS projects to use fiscal sponsorship and 
this is a good time to review the wording of the resolution template[1].

[1] I hadn't mentioned it earlier but moves towards this were already 
afoot before you raised the concern.

> Apparently you have convinced a majority of the board.
> This is absolutely ridiculous.  Don't they have any reading
> comprehension either ???

My experiences with the board would lead me to conclude that they have 
excellent reading comprehension, some of them in several languages.


Speaking only for myself as an individual director, as always.


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