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Giovanni Mascellani gio at
Thu May 31 22:41:23 UTC 2012

Il 31/05/2012 14:43, Bill Allombert ha scritto:
> 1. the word liaison will be replaced by ligatio in all SPI documents.

I don't think that word is appropriate: "ligatio" is more the act of
binding, instead of the bound person. A much more better word is
probably "legatus", that actually means "ambassador" (although for a
slightly different reason: it would mean that the
legatus/liaison/whatever is bound to the project he's part of, not that
he serves as binding between the project and SPI).

BTW, I would oppose the use of a Latin word, because I really couldn't
stand with hearing it pronounced from English-speaking people (probably
I would write down that pronounciation as "leghedas", quite different
from "legatus"). :-)

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