Proposed: Funding Open Source Accounting software

Josh Berkus josh at
Thu May 2 18:21:41 UTC 2013

SPI members:

The Software Freedom Conservancy is proposing to fund the efforts of a
full-time software developer to create NPO accounting software which
will be completely open source and free.  SPI could really use such

As such, I propose that we fund this effort using $10,000 out of our
general SPI funds.  I think this is a good idea because:

1) It benefits our member projects by eventually providing more timely
and more transparent accounting of member project funds.

2) It promotes Open Source software by providing a completely free
package to be used at non-profits nationwide*, and eventually worldwide.

3) It promotes Open Source software by making it easier for OSS
nonprofits to have good accounting, and thus establish and maintain NPOs.

4) We have general fund money which is not being used**, and this is the
first project in a long time which is clearly in the interests of SPI's
mission and our member projects.

(* if you check the web page, the Conservancy has already established
relationships with multiple non-OSS NPOs who are interested in the software)

(** As of 3/31, our general reserves were $55,809)

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