Proposed: Funding Open Source Accounting software

Jimmy Kaplowitz jimmy at
Thu May 2 21:13:40 UTC 2013


On Thu, May 02, 2013 at 01:24:21PM -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >Seems like quite a good idea to me. I've read the Conservancy page and agree
> >something like this is sorely needed, including by SPI, but doesn't exist yet.
> >The suggested amount even seems reasonable given how much it would help us
> >scale to the benefit of all associated projects and the few alternative uses
> >for our general reserves.
> There is open source accounting software. LedgerSMB, Tryton, GnuCash...
> Why are we reinventing the wheel? If we want to support better NPO
> integration doesn't it make sense to start with that?

They are doing what you suggest. The proposal explains how they're going to
evaluate several existing options and enhance one of them. None of the free
options, or even the proprietary ones, nicely handle the use case which
Conservancy and SPI both need, but of course they can be modified to do so.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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