Proposed: Funding Open Source Accounting software

Bdale Garbee bdale at
Fri May 3 04:04:32 UTC 2013

Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy at> writes:

> I see they list SPI as an endorser with our
> encouragement to donate and support. It's possible they did this based on
> Bdale's quote as SPI president, but I wouldn't have a problem
> explicitly voting to endorse (I'd obviously vote yes) for more
> emphasis.

I was happy to provide a quote endorsing the project, as it's something
the SPI board has discussed many times over several years and I would
dearly love to see *someone* make forward progress in this area!

I intended to include providing the quote in my report for our next
board meeting.  I agree with Josh that SPI should consider offering 
funds to support the work, and so including his resolution on the agenda
for next week's meeting would be great. 


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