The Mana World: needs a sponsor to become an associated project

Ben Longbons brlongbons at
Thu May 8 04:41:47 UTC 2014

* The name and details of the project:
The Mana World is a project to develop a 2D MMORPG that can't ever be
taken away. All components of the instance we run are open source and
developed entirely in public repositories: server code, client code,
server data, and client data. It has been around for 10 years (we
count our birth as 2004-04-11).

* Which SPI services will be needed:
- Accepting Donations and Holding Funds? yes, in small quantities
- Holding Substantial Assets? no
- Holding Intangible Assets? probably not, though there was discussion
- Signing Contracts? no
- Legal Assistance? hopefully not, though in one recent incident with
a GPL violator it could've been needed if they'd continued to be
- Technical Services? no

* Who is going to be the liaison to SPI, and the process for
selecting/electing replacements:
Probably me. wushin has also mentioned, but he prefers I do it.
The authoritative record for all positions in TMW is:
In case the whole server gets hopelessly messed up, you can contact
the original project founder, who is still holder of the DNS.

-Ben Longbons

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