Make SPI book keeping more transparent?

Martin Zobel-Helas zobel at
Thu May 14 22:02:18 UTC 2015


during todays monthly board meeting, we were talking about book keeping.
One of the topics that i came up with (after the meeting), is to make
the book keeping more 'transparent' and to show to associated projects
that we are processing their financial requests in a correct way. 

One way to do that could be to do an anual audit of SPI's financial
records by someone who is not involved in SPI's financial process. My
idea of that process is as follows, but i think we should discuss that:

During the AGM a contributing member not being part of board is assigned
to do the audit. During the now following year she/he will be able to
request copies of the book records, which the treasurer will provide in
a timely manner. During the now following AGM this contributing member
reports back that she/he thinks that the books are okay (or not).

What i describe here is a usual process for nonprofit association in
Germany. The audit report is a basis for decisions the General Assembly.
The treasurer and the entire board of the association are to be
relieved. This report protects the treasurer (and the board) against
claims for compensation (unless the treasurer fooled the auditor).

I am open for suggestions,

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