Notes from the contributing membership clean up

Jonathan McDowell noodles at
Mon Apr 18 16:26:14 UTC 2016

I've just completed the final part of the round of contributing
membership clean up. Anyone affected will have received an email asking
them to click on the link contained to confirm they are still active. It
was also announced on spi-announce[0] and I posted on my personal
blog[1]. I know each of these methods did manage to reach people, but
I'm still a bit surprised at some of the members who did not confirm
their active status.

That said, here are some numbers.

The first round of notifications went out on 15th February 2016. These
were to members who had never been seen to vote (which means they
probably haven't done so since 2004). At that point we had 526
contributing members and 245 members were emailed.

The corresponding clean up was carried out on 14th March 2016. 51
members had confirmed they were still active, resulting in 332
contributing members.

The second round of notifications went out on 16th March 2016. These
were sent to members who had not voted in the most recent board
elections (back in July 2014); 212 members were emailed.

I've just completed the corresponding clean up. 95 members had confirmed
they were still active, leaving us with a total of 219 active
contributing members (some new members have been approved during the



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    automoderation?" "A killfile throws away good posts.  Automoderation
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