Issue #2 - Allow contributions to website from browser

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Mon Aug 15 01:27:36 UTC 2016

* Jonathan McDowell <noodles at> [2016-08-14 21:25]:
> Contributions to the SPI website went up significantly by moving from
> Plone to ikiwiki, and the website became much more current. Empirical
> evidence thus suggests we're much better off where we currently are.
> Based on experience managing a number of wikis I think the workload
> involved in helping people who want to contribute at present but can't
> deal with ikiwiki is significantly lower than dealing with an open (or
> even approval based) wiki or CMS.


We're definitely open to contributors but we don't use a CMS and
despite using ikiwiki the web site is also not a wiki.  SPI's web site
is a static web site generated with ikiwiki from Markdown.  You also
cannot edit directly, for example, but contributions are
welcome.  Same with SPI.  The git repository is available (there's a
link from the front page) and you're welcome to send patches or pull
requests.  The webmaster email is also displayed for those wanting to
provide feedback.

If someone makes sustained contributions, I'm sure we'd be happy to
give direct access to the git repo.

Martin Michlmayr

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