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Tue Aug 16 15:25:43 UTC 2016

On 08/16/2016 08:14 AM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> On 7/18/16 9:29 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> As has been discussed here many times previously, Condorcet is a bad
>> system for multi-seat elections.  Rather than electing a board whose
>> composition reflects, proportionately, the views of the electorate,
>> the majoritarian or consensus candidates (as applicable) will sweep
>> the board.
> I have a concern about this:
> If, for example, there were an issue that sharply divides the SPI
> membership say 66% to 33%, an STV election would elect 6 board members
> in favor of A and 3 in favor of B, whereas a Condorcet election might
> elect 9 in favor of A.  The problem with the STV board would be that
> they would constantly disagree with each other instead of getting work done.

It is likely that the 66% is going to rule the board anyway. In fact, we 
saw that happen over the last several years. The advantage is that there 
will be *some* of the 66% who will realize the importance of getting 
certain things done (like Zobel helping the Treasurer finally get into 
an accounting system). Further you are going to have some lap over from 
the 33%. You will get people saying, "Hey, that actually makes sense." 
from the 66% that was influenced by the 33%.

> An analogy in "real" politics is: A parliament should generally reflect
> the population's wishes proportionally, but the executive is generally
> drawn only from one or a few aligned parties.

Correct, our parliament is our board. Our officers are our executive branch.

> Maybe this isn't a problem in practice, or maybe you/some actually want
> to the board to work that way, but I think we should consider what the
> nature of the board is or should be, and which election method best
> realizes that.

Progress is made through a compromise that everyone hates and loves at 
the same time.



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