proposed replacement bylaws

Keith Packard keithp at
Sun Jul 3 22:38:05 UTC 2016

Ian Jackson <ijackson at> writes:

> We have here a set of bylaws that subjects the board members to
> election, and (if you agree with me above) to recall by the
> membership.  But with the current draft the supremacy of the
> membership can be simply anulled at will by the board, simply by
> amending the bylaws.

The mechanism for recovering from this would be a lawsuit filed by the
membership. It's an insane plan, but would only happen if the board went
truly insane itself. I believe the threat of such an action will be
sufficient to prevent it from ever happening.

You may know that had a membership voting requirement for changing
bylaws and that the result was it took nearly two years to adjust the
bylaws in some fairly minor ways to allow to join SPI.

It seems like we can either have a fairly weak vote of the membership or
a strong vote of the board. The strong requirements in the proposed
bylaws require near consensus among the board, which should prevent even
a well organized group of board members from effecting any unwarranted

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