proposed replacement bylaws

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Jul 4 10:20:41 UTC 2016

Keith Packard writes ("Re: proposed replacement bylaws"):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson at> writes:
> > We have here a set of bylaws that subjects the board members to
> > election, and (if you agree with me above) to recall by the
> > membership.  But with the current draft the supremacy of the
> > membership can be simply anulled at will by the board, simply by
> > amending the bylaws.
> The mechanism for recovering from this would be a lawsuit filed by the
> membership. It's an insane plan, but would only happen if the board went
> truly insane itself. I believe the threat of such an action will be
> sufficient to prevent it from ever happening.

The membership would lose the lawsuit because the board's actions
would have been lawful.

> It seems like we can either have a fairly weak vote of the membership or
> a strong vote of the board. The strong requirements in the proposed
> bylaws require near consensus among the board, which should prevent even
> a well organized group of board members from effecting any unwarranted
> changes.

I'm firmly of the view that the board should not be permitted to
change the bylaws against the opposition of the membership.


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