proposed replacement bylaws

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Wed Jul 6 12:37:23 UTC 2016

Dimitri John Ledkov writes ("Re: proposed replacement bylaws"):
> Given that directors in general hold the office for 3 year terms &
> that initial director terms are staggered - the staggered terms follow
> perpetually. This has actually been the case already, and I don't
> believe we actually require any further adjustments for a smoother
> transition.

But directors might leave office for other reasons than their term
running out.  If their replacement get a fresh 3y term, we end up with
the directors' elections getting out of step.

> > Article 4, Section 12: Action by the Board
> >
> > Any action required or permitted to be taken by the Board or any committee
> > thereof may be taken without a meeting if all Directors of the Board or the
> > committee consent in writing via email to the adoption of a resolution
> > authorizing the action. A record of such action shall be maintained [+and
> > provided to the contributing membership+].
> All board actions are public anyway, aren't they?

The board needs the ability to take confidential actions.


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