Issue #5 - Please explain the topic of each mailing list

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Tue Oct 4 18:33:46 UTC 2016

* Filipus Klutiero <chealer at> [2016-10-01 12:49]:
> lists 5 mailing lists
> of SPI. Except for the first 2, there is no description of what
> content each has or should receive. The descriptions of spi-private,
> spi-projects and spi-board only describe their membership.

spi-projects is a list to which all the project liaisons of SPI
associated projects are subscribed.  It's used by the board to contact
all project liaisons at the same time, e.g. to ask which projects
participate in Google Summer of Code and want SPI to handle their
payments or to get input from SPI projects on the SPI annual report.

spi-board is a list of the board of directors to communicate.  It's
also used as a contact address for the board.

Since the general public cannot subscribe to these lists, I don't
think it makes sense to list them at
It's just confusing.

I think I'll add the links to the onboarding info for directors and
liaisons instead (<>).

> spi-private is the only one I am member of. Board elections is one
> topic sometimes treated on that list, but a private list should not
> be designated as the proper forum for electoral discussions.

Personally, I feel that spi-private has been overused and most of the
conversation should have been on spi-general.  spi-private should only
be used for things that should not be public / publicly archived.

Do you have a suggestion on how to improve the page to make this

Martin Michlmayr

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