Please register SIP as a charity with PayPal Giving Fund

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Sat Sep 30 19:45:39 UTC 2017


I use Humble Bundle <> often to buy game
bundles and one of the outstanding features of it is that you can make a
portion of your payment (or even all of the payment) go directly to a
charity you want to support. That way I have donated to Software Freedom
Conservancy, Free Software Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation and
Apache Software Foundation. To my surprise, the Software in the Public
Interest is not in the list of charities (as well as some other FOSS
organizations, like KDE e.V. and VideoLAN organization). Apparently
<> this is
because Humble Bundle lists only charities that are registered through
the PayPal
Giving Fund <>, so they use that platform
to handle all the charity donations for them. It would be great if you
could register SIP as a charity with PayPal Giving Fund so that the next
time I buy a game bundle on Humble Bundle I could donate to you through
them. I'd also imagine that other websites besides Humble Bundle use
the PayPal Giving Fund service, so I think that registering with it would
turn out to be quite worthwhile for SIP.
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