SPI credit cards for regular billing, specifically AWS costs

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at drycafe.net
Sat Mar 17 20:38:24 UTC 2018

> On Feb 15, 2018, at 10:04 AM, Michael Schultheiss <schultmc at spi-inc.org> wrote:
>> What would be ideal from our point of view as an
>> SPI member project, would be to have use of an
>> SPI credit card for our AWS billing.
>> This would likely also reduce the burden on the SPI
>> treasurer by avoiding the current expenses claims.
>> I note that credit cards or related payment services
>> are not currently listed as being offered:
>> http://spi-inc.org/projects/services/
>> Is this something the SPI could assist us with?
> SPI does not have any credit cards but does have debit cards that can be
> used where VISA and MasterCard are accepted. For several associated
> projects, SPI's debit cards are used to pay for recurring services.
> Associated Projects usually temporarily change the login information for
> a service and share the login with me (as SPI Treasurer) so I can input
> the card information.

I think this might work very well for AWS Billing. My understanding is that they do accept debit cards as payment methods. I have also finally found the time to figure out how to create an IAM user for AWS with permission to administer our billing and payment information.

I also now notice that one can register as tax-exempt within the AWS Billing console, in which case AWS will not charge taxes. Since we (as the SPI associated project) don’t have that documentation and aren’t ourselves the tax-exempt entity, perhaps SPI is familiar with this information?

Michael - I’ll send you the login information and credentials in separate encrypted email.

Hilmar Lapp -:- lappland.io

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