SPI board of directors for 2019

Martin Michlmayr tbm at cyrius.com
Thu Aug 1 23:47:33 UTC 2019

* Tim Potter <tpot at frungy.org> [2019-08-02 09:31]:
> I would like to announce the following people have been appointed or re-appointed to the board:
> * Forrest Fleming
> * Chris Lamb
> * Héctor Oron
> * Tim Potter
> The board wishes to thank Renee Phillips and R. Tyler Croy for their service as interim directors.

Tyler wasn't on the board at this time (he was interim in the past);
that should be Dimitri John Ledkov.

But more to the point, it seems that the terms of Jimmy Kaplowitz and
Martin Zobel-Helas ended.  Jimmy served as President recently and
Martin has done *a ton* over work over the years (a lot of it behind
the scenes, so people are not aware of the amount but it's been a
lot!).  They should be thanked as well.

Actually, the numbers don't add up if I'm not mistaken...

If you look at "last elected" at http://spi-inc.org/meetings/minutes/2019/2019-07-08/
and look for "July 2016" (3 years ago), you see Jimmy, Tim and Martin.  And there were
two interim directors (Renee and Dimitri).

So it seems there were 5 slots but only 4 appointments.

Martin Michlmayr

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