Treasurer's report for 2019-05

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Tue Aug 27 18:18:30 UTC 2019

* Ian Jackson <ijackson at> [2019-06-20 20:42]:
> > I temporarily allocated a $200 donation to SPI
> > until I can get access to the donation site to find who it's
> > for.
> Thanks for your work.  I have a small comment on this: I think it is
> usual to use a "suspense" or "holding" account for this kind of
> thing, rather than temporarily allocating the funds to some other
> account, even a "default" one.  Something like "earmark TBD" maybe.

We don't use accounts for the project allocation (but meta-data) but
it's true that I could have used "FIXME" or something as the project.

Anyway, I have *finally* been able to resolve this issue.

The $200 are for OpenEmbedded and I've made the change.

Martin Michlmayr

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