Proposed resolution - rescind position of SPI board advisors

Filipus Klutiero chealer at
Tue Dec 10 01:12:04 UTC 2019


Le 2019-12-09 à 18:19, Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
> * Bdale Garbee <bdale at> [2019-12-09 15:59]:
>> It's not clear to me why you need to rescind the resolution instead of
>> just continuing to not actually appoint or seek advice from existing
>> appointees.  What's the problem you're actually trying to solve?
> Make sure reality is reflected.
> The annual report lists the advisors, but they haven't been consulted
> in years, so imho it makes sense to reflect that.

I find it quite natural in a mostly open project like this one that 
advisors are not explicitly consulted. I would not infer from a presence 
in such an SPI advisor list that a person is explicitly consulted.

>    It also creates
> more balance between projects (why is the Debian project leader always
> an advisor?)

I do not see balance between projects (whatever that means) as a goal. 
Nor would I consider gender imbalance as a problem per se. To discuss 
genders, the problem I could see is a lack of feminine presence. But I 
expelling productive males would be a costly solution to that, if it can 
be one.

I never heard about advisor creating any kind of imbalance (though I 
must say I was also unaware of their existence).

That being said, I have no strong opinion on this, though if we don't 
publish a list of current advisors, as seems to be the case, I would 
tend to support abolition.

> [...]

Filipus Klutiero

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