Resolution Arch Linux 32 as associated project

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Sat Jan 26 17:30:30 UTC 2019

I'd like to propose this resolution for the February meeting.
I initially posted this to the list last year and some people asked
whether Arch Linux agrees and whether there's an agreement in place.
We have a light-weight trademark agreement from Arch Linux (Aaron) now,
so I think we're good to vote on this resolution.

Resolution Arch Linux 32 as associated project


1. Arch Linux 32 is a substantial and significant Free Software project.

2. The Arch Linux 32 developers would like SPI's support and assistance,
including taking donations.


1. Arch Linux 32 is formally invited to become an SPI Associated
Project, according to the SPI Framework for Associated Projects, SPI
Resolution 1998-11-16.iwj.1-amended-2004-08-10.iwj.1, a copy of which
can be found at

2. Erich Eckner is recognised by SPI as the authoritative decision maker
and SPI liaison for Arch Linux 32. Successors will be appointed by the
outgoing SPI liaison, or if the current SPI liaison is unavailable or
refuses to appoint a successor, by a simple majority vote by the current
master key holders of Arch Linux 32.

3. This invitation will lapse, if not accepted, 60 days after it is
approved by the SPI Board.

Martin Michlmayr

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