2018 financial statements, monthly and full-year

Dimitri John Ledkov xnox at spi-inc.org
Sat Mar 2 19:47:57 UTC 2019


The monthly statements for all of 2018 for SPI and per-project are
published there.

For the full year results, do look at the year to date in the 2018
December report:

SPI overall: https://spi-inc.org/treasurer/reports/201812/#index2h3
Per-projects: https://spi-inc.org/treasurer/reports/201812/#index4h3

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly, or the SPI
board. I have access to the underlying accounts, and can provide
futher breakdowns and clarifications.

The only unconfirmed balances are for the Ameriprice account and are
off by about $100 of interest which is credited into the SPI General
Fund by default. (We are re-establishing correct address for the
statements / online statements).



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